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Jamanta[1] is the family darling. Our dog, which despite not having yet two years, lives up to the name. Too big, and gangly she captivated the entire family and family friends. At beginning she was not very welcome, and entered to family, by chance. A friend of my son-in-law found her exactly on a heavily trafficked highway, when she was just few weeks old. He did know where to leave her. So, my children Celídio e Aline hosted the little dog in their house, provisionally. In few weeks she captivated everyone with her special way of being.

I know nothing about dog psychology. I am not, much less eDSC_0154xpert in subjects of dogs. But, I can notice that Jamanta is a very special dog. I began to watch her, and I confess that I learned lessons of life very important, with her. She has a very special facility to make friends, whether with her animals fellows, whether with humans. It may seem facetious, but sometimes I turn green with envy over her way of being. Are you laughing? I also catch myself laughing at myself, when these thoughts cross my mind. I would like to hear her, about ease in making friends. In the impossibility of hear her in this level of communication, I began to learn from her example. Here, some of my findings:

1) She is sincerely interested in people around you – regardless of who is, or what can offer to her, Jamanta enjoys being around people. When I’m cutting the grass, sweaty, dirty, there she is, watching me and following me all the time. She seems to enjoy being with people, just for being with, without expecting rewards. Of course, no dog resists one “treat” or a good smell of food. She demonstrates your sincere desire for them, unceremoniously.

2) She persistent in making friends – Feisty is our little “long hair chihuahua”, 5 years old. She lives up to her name. Feisty in English means “energetic, courageous, belligerent, ready to stand and fight.” Although much darling of all of us, She is of grumpy kind, surly, and somewhat antisocial. Observing the two and I can notice how Jamanta is persistent in trying to get the friendship of Feisty. Every time she approaches in trying to play and have fun, the little Feisty growls, foreshadowing that is not very open to friendship. Even though, Jamanta do not give up. After of nearly two years somewhat arid friendship, she persists trying to build friendship bridges with Feisty.

3) A special good humor – We all like to be close, or to have humorous friends. Good humor captivates and attracts good friendships. Our Jamanta always seems being at one with life. Her long tail shaking, announces her joy all the time. Her first movements of the day, when I open her house, is stretch herself, with what seems to be giving good day for life. Each day seems to be the best day of her life. Always cheerful and playful she reveals her incomparable humor.

4) Simplicity – Her two favorite toys is a torn basketball ball and a broken skateboard in half. She is able to spend hours and hours playing with them. She does not need too much thing to have fun and happy times. Sometimes, I have the impression that she is so simple to the point of being simpleton. Quite often, she is affectionately called of “Tonga”[2], by many of her friends. Her simplicity is simply captivating.

Life is a great irony. We live surrounded by great wise and experts people that strive in vain attempts to get friends. Meanwhile, Jamanta discovered, in her simplicity, the great secret: everything is much simpler than it seems. As prayed the Master: “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” (Matthew 11:25,NIV). God bless us with such simplicity!

            [1] Jamanta is the name of dog of my son-in-law’s. Her name means “juggernaut”, big and long truck, in Portuguese

            [2] “Tonga” – It is a female adjective in Portuguese that means dizzy, silly, foolishly, simpleton