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Yesterday, I was touched deeply with a comment posted on one of my articles by a beloved, unforgettable, former and always sheep, Elma Persici. Suddenly, I was like that abducted on the time. Fruto Reino de Deus_ENI traveled on time, reviving very clearly unspeakable moments that we lived together, at the feet of the Lord. At the time, Mrs Persici was just a baby in faith, full of doubts and of endless questions. She has grown, has become a strong, faithful and fruitful Christian in God’s Kingdom. I do not know why, but when I returned from mental journey that has brought me so much joy, came to my mind the Rev. David Wilkerson who impacted generations between the decades 70 and 90, with his ministry among young people addicted to drugs. I wondered the millions of people that was impacted with his ministry, and he heard nothing about them and about their lives transformed by the power of God. I concluded peremptorily: We do not need to see the fruits of our labor in God’s Kingdom. We just need obey: “I appointed you that you should go and bear fruit”. And this makes all the difference.